PillTime web solution for oral meds

Pill Time founder Paul Mayberry

Pill Time founder Paul Mayberry

Many patients in the UK have long-term conditions such as Diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers, for which they need to take regular medications, often in the pill form.

In the UK, there are at least 3.1 million people diagnose with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and 11.9 million at high risk. Therefore almost one in four people either have or are at risk of having the condition.  This is set to rise. T2D can be managed with a combination of lifestyle changes and medication. But despite effective medications, the condition often not well controlled, leading serious and life-limiting complications often needing time in hospital.

T2D costs

It has been previously estimated that diagnosed T2D costs the NHS almost 10% of its budget — approximately £8.8 billion every year, 80% of which is due to diabetes-related complications. So it’s costly, but better management of medications can help improve matters as it’s believed that up to 50% of people do not take their medication correctly. This percentage increases with both age and the number of medicines prescribed.

Pill Time.co.uk is therefore set to save considerable NHS funds while improving the health of millions of patients with long-term conditions that require multiple medications at regular intervals. It is a free service, prescriptions are sent electronically directly from the doctor to the PillTime.co.uk pharmacy where the medication is dispensed in easy-to-open pouches, organised in order and clearly mark with the correct date and time for when the dose should be taken. This provides piece of mind that all tablets are taken at the right time, every time. The PillTime boxes are sent discreetly to the patient via tracked mail service. The Electronic Prescription Service is currently offered by over 83% of surgeries in England. Those patients who do not have access to this service will need to either post their prescriptions directly to PillTime.co.uk or ask their surgery to post them on their behalf.

Paul Mayberry

Paul Mayberry is an award-winning pharmacist and co-founder of PillTime. He says, “We hope to help patients across the UK who take multiple meds by making how you take your medicines less confusing. Pilltime.co.uk helps patients take their medication exactly as your doctor prescribed and therefore get the very best out of them whilst reducing the risk of complications.”


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