BD names diabetes spin-off

The American medical devices giant Becton Dickinson known as BD, has decided to spin off its Diabetes Care division and announced the name of the new company as ‘embecta’. The name was chosen to combine the ‘em’ from the word empathy with becta to echo its Becton Dickinson origins.

The business which is one of the largest diabetes-focused organisations in the world, produces around eight billion injection devices a year and serves 30 million patients from its manufacturing sites in the United States, Ireland and China and office locations in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

“The Diabetes Care business can trace its roots back nearly 100 years to BD’s introduction of the world’s first specialized insulin syringe in 1924 and today is the leading producer of diabetes injection devices in the world,” said BD chairman, chief executive and president Tom Polen “We’re proud to see that shared legacy reflected in the new name. “The decision to spin off our Diabetes Care business is part of our active portfolio management and consistent with our BD 2025 strategy to Grow, Simplify and Empower. It will allow BD to strengthen its growth profile, enables a greater investment focus on our other core businesses and high-growth opportunities, and makes a greater impact for our customers and patients.”

Embecta’s chief executive is Devatt Kurdikar who will be joined by two new directors, David Melcher and Dr. Claire Pomeroy. Melcher who was previously a director of BD, has considerable experience of managing spin-offs and Pomeroy also previously a BD director, has a variety of experience in healthcare, health system administration, higher education, medical research and public health.

Embecta is expected to continue to grow rapidly. In its previous incarnation as Diabetes Care, the company reported sales of $1.1bn (£814m) in the year to September 2020.

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