LATEST ISSUE: Double Bubble – one patch pump, a choice of two sensors

Welcome to our February issue 2024 – with spring on the horizon, it’s nice to look ahead, which we do a fair bit of here. This issue is roughly one third News, one third KIT and one third Food News.

News includes insulin tablets working, in animals. Excellent NHS decision support tool for T1D tech. Further resources on emotional well-being from JDRF. GP referrals to gardening clubs. Stem cell transplant in arm produce insulin. Digital ‘scripts on NHS app. Medications that can increase glucose levels. Date announced for next United Through Diabetes event this September for people with diabetes.

Our lead feature and cover story is about various bits of tech news, including about the patch pump that now talks to both Dexcom G6 and FreeStyle Libre 2 (FSL2). Also, as far as KIT is concerned, should you cover it? Do you need to take out insurance for things like CGMs and insulin pumps? John Bainbridge says we do. Then Anne Aubin shares her experience of diabetes kit after a particularly disconcerting experience being diagnosed.

From p.28, we have food news. From regenerative flour, or Halal pizza, to apple yoghurt, and we have a mini-quiz – how you eat a samosa says something about you. Nutritionist and Type 1 diabetic May Knight explains what happens to potatoes when they are chosen, prepped and cooked in different ways, and how that impacts blood glucose (p.32).

At the back of the magazine is our regular Making Carbs Count column, which takes on the challenge of some exotic fruits – welcome into your fruit bowls dragon fruit, passion fruit and persimmons.

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