Biotts achieve transdermal drug delivery

Poland-based Biotts, has become the world’s first company to successfully complete transdermal delivery of insulin (through the skin in the form of patches without injections).

The Proof-of-Concept project, carried out jointly with Warsaw-based Bioton, has just concluded, with an active form of insulin successfully transferred using Biotts’ patented transdermal carrier system MTC-Y. Biotts has demonstrated that large molecules can be efficiently transported through the skin. Insulin in the form of a transdermal patch can realistically improve patient care and convenience while significantly reducing medical waste.

“An important takeaway from the study is that we showed bioavailability of transdermal insulin of 55%. This means that patients with type 1 diabetes will be able to replace up to 20 insulin injections over a period of five days with a single patch that only needs to be worn for a few hours. Thus, patients will receive better and more comfortable treatment, without an increase in the cost of therapy, and without generating excess medical waste.” says Jan Henk Hendriks, CEO of Biotts.

The results have been so promising that both companies are prepared to proceed to the next phase, and the company is currently taking next steps to bring transdermal insulin to market and make it available to patients around the world as quickly as possible, conceivably as soon as 2027.

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