LATEST ISSUE: Extod event for advice on exercise and T1D. New Dexcom sensor for T2D. How to make a super smoothie!

Talk about having a choice! I know it’s been a jolly long time since most of us have had the choice to go on any CGM sensor, let alone end up with a choice. But as we go on, there’s more choices coming up with sensors being adapted and amended both due to user and HCP feedback, but also to focus in on slightly different populations of people with diabetes.

On p.16 we therefore take a little look at the newest, Dexcom ONE+. The latest version is modelled around the needs of people with Type 2 diabetes. Dr Rose Stewart explains why, and why it’s needed. Also download a report,

I’ve repeated a ‘call to action’ for people with Type 2 on basal insulin to be part of an eight-month trial on an Abbott FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor, with medical oversight.

Lots of news, as ever (starts on p.4). Download Diabetes UK’s Reverse the Trend report. And/or download DRWF’s Eye Health advice PDF. CamAPS gets FDA approval. Medtronic and Arecor partner to create ideal insulin for insulin pumps. Olive oil – can regular ingestion delay mental decline? Apparently so!

Food news from p.26 with Making Carbs Count this time around having been written by Type 1 diabetic and qualified nutritionist May Knight about the pros and cons of ‘smoothies’. Whether purchased from cafes or supermarkets or made at home, she sets out some guidelines to buy (or make) ones that are actually healthy (most aren’t as healthy as they claim to be).

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