JDRF now Breakthrough T1D

The leading global Type 1 diabetes charity, JDRF International (JDRF) has rebranded itself as Breakthrough T1D.

The charity claims that the new name, which JDRF UK will roll out in October, “embodies its mission to cure and treat Type 1 diabetes (T1D), while supporting everyone who lives with the condition” and “reflects the charity’s exclusive focus on the needs of the T1D community. Breakthrough T1D will continue JDRF’s journey, accelerating breakthroughs in research, breakthroughs in access to treatments, and bringing the T1D community together to help everyone make their own personal breakthroughs.”

Since launching over 50 years ago JDRF has been at the forefront of every major type 1 research breakthrough, bringing life-changing treatments and technologies to the people who need them the most.

With the generous support of the global T1D community who have given their time, donations, and expertise, JDRF has connected the world’s brightest minds to advance treatments, influence policy, and improve access to care all over the world. ​This vital work will gather momentum, accelerating breakthroughs as the charity’s new name enables it to raise more awareness, engage with more supporters and gain more funding for its vital work.

Karen Addington, JDRF UK CEO said: “Today is a monumental day in our history, with a new name that truly expresses our impact, our ambition, and our steadfast support of the entire T1D community. This new brand clearly expresses JDRF’s global role in spearheading its research endeavour to prevent, treat and cure Type 1 diabetes, while making everyday life better for the people who face it. Today, we are opening doors that were once closed by diagnosis and people with T1D are living healthier, longer lives. Tomorrow, we will make this condition a thing of the past, by accelerating research and driving innovation forward.”

Rachel Connor, Director of Research Partnerships at JDRF UK says: “Our research is changing the reality of T1D. Breakthroughs in prevention, treatment, and cure research, are moving fast to transform the experience of people with T1D. Thanks to our support of technology research, innovations like continuous glucose monitoring and hybrid closed loop are part of everyday life with T1D for increasing numbers of people. Programmes like the ELSA Study offer hope for a better start to managing T1D, and with potential new immunotherapies on the horizon, precious years without the need for insulin could be gained. T1D research is moving forward at speed, driven by global collaboration, we look forward to delivering the next generation of breakthroughs that will inexorably lead to a world without T1D.”

Global insight findings show that the JDRF name, which originally stood for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, has been limiting the charity’s ability to reach people of all ages with type 1 diabetes. JDRF has now developed a visionary, powerful brand that more accurately reflects who it is: the world leader in Type 1 diabetes research, advocacy, and inclusive community support.

JDRF has led the search for cures for T1D since the organisation was founded more than 50 years ago by families of children living with T1D when the disease was known as ‘Juvenile Diabetes’ because it was frequently diagnosed in, and strongly associated with, young children. As Juvenile Diabetes is no longer a term used by clinicians, it’s right that we reflect on our language and use recognised terms, such as T1D. The term T1D has been chosen as it is both used and recognised by people living with the condition.


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