LATEST ISSUE: The shape of pumps to come; more CGM updates in UK; rainy barbies; and how cool are cucumbers?

Our front cover this issue is the first (and probably the last) time that I’ve actually used a product shot, as the little girl jumping is actually wearing a Tandem Mobi (not yet available in the UK, but launched in the US). It’s on her left hip – you kind of have to squint to see it – how marvs is that? So that’s part of our story on p.20, called The Shape of Pumps to Come.

We’ve a fair bit more on KIT in this issue. From p.24 Russell Millar talks about his move from MDI to Omnipod DASH patch pump. Then we’ve extra info on the newer Omnipod 5 launch in the UK plus additional insights on Abbott’s FSL2 sensor (p.26).

The news section hols stories about reducing the risk for gout, how xylitol sweetener might not be good for you, and new hypo-treatment solution Zegalogue has been approved in Europe (from p.4). Read about how you can nominate your hero HPC in this year’s Quality in Care Diabetes awards (p.12). JDRF’s got a new name and logo (p.14).

In our Need to Know article in this issue, we look at insurance – for travel, for diabetes ‘kit’ and whether or not you need life insurance (on p. 30).

Our food section starts on p.32 and we go from Thai tastes, to a foot-long sausage roll, as well as summer snacks from Quorn. There’s some random info on us Brits and our barbeque habits, come rain or shine. Included are some fairly fancy (and gorgeous looking) recipes. Rounding up the issue is Making Carbs Count, this time we look at our green chums, gherkins and cucumbers. – Enjoy! Sue Marshall, Editor

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