About Desang

About Desang

Sue Marshall, creator of Desang Kitbags

You might need to have diabetes to understand why Sue Marshall, who is a Type 1 diabetic, felt the need to design a kitbag for her diabetic kit.

Having lived with injections and (later) blood testing since 1972, Sue had a kitbag made to fit all her various blood testing and insulin-delivering items.

Her kitbag goes with her everywhere. And on long trips and holidays she takes a second one with her for extra supplies. Diabetes need not stop you going anywhere or doing anything, but it does help to be prepared!

The word ‘desang’

The word ‘desang’ more-or-less means ‘of blood’, relating to how we diabetics have to monitor our blood glucose levels. But more broadly, Desang is simply about making living with diabetes easier. It’s not a definitive guide to all aspects of diabetes, but brings information about getting on with life while having diabetes.

“There are more and more people with diabetes, and the advent of the worldwide web has led to much information sharing,” says Sue.  “For people with diabetes, that can be great. We now have a better chance of finding the tools that we can work with to help maintain our health.”

Desang Classic Kitbag

Helen Brown (Sue’s cousin, who also has Type 1) with Desang Classic kitbag in Cafe

Most products mentioned on the site are available from UK pharmacies. Sometimes you need to contact the companies direct to get a product code in order to order it. Don’t expect all pharmacists to be aware of all the products, or how to use them. However, many of the companies who produce them do offer information on their own websites. And we include links to those sites where we can. Or contact your diabetic clinic — they usually have a range of machines available for you to see. If you can touch and feel them it can be easier to choose the one that will suit you best, and that you will actually use!

You may have to pay for the products (in the UK many are free on the NHS with a prescription from your doctor).

If you know a good product, please let us know. Email us at info@desangstaging.wpengine.com



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