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About DesangDesang is run by Sue Marshall who has Type 1 diabetes.

What is it? Desang is simply about making living with diabetes easier. It’s not a definitive guide to all aspects of diabetes, but brings information about getting on with life while having diabetes. We do a free online magazine www.desang-magazine.co.uk which you are welcome to subscribe to. It goes out on email once a month. Just send an email with the subject line ‘sign me up’ to info@desangstaging.wpengine.com

When: We also sell the range of Desang diabetes kitbags. We can take your kitbag order anytime, and delivery should be within a week.

Why: There are more and more people with diabetes. And the advent of the worldwide web has led to much information sharing. Says Sue, “I had a kitbag made originally for my own use, but soon realised that there were very few kitbags available. And yet, according to statistics, approximately 1 in every 40 people in the UK has some form of diabetes. Other kitbags I have come across have been rather unattractive, and yet a kitbag can be a vital part of a diabetic’s daily life. So I have tried to make an attractive one that does the job is keeping all your kit in one place.”

About the site: There seems to be a dearth of decent information about the range of products (tools or ‘kit’) available to help diabetics cope with the condition. We all work better with tools we prefer using, for one reason or another. Most diabetes management products mentioned on the site are available from pharmacies. Sometimes you need to contact the companies direct to get a product code in order to order it. Don’t expect all pharmacists to be aware of all the products, or how to use them.

However, many of the companies who produce them do offer information on their own websites (we’ve included some on the Links page within this site). Or contact your diabetic clinic — they usually have a range of machines available for you to see. If you can touch and feel them it can be easier to choose the one that will suit you best. And that you will actually use. You may have to pay for the products (in the UK many are free on the NHS with a prescription from your doctor).

Who built the site:

Words by Sue Marshall. Thanks to the many who have given advice and support. Specific contributors include: Website builders Jon Malyon at We Are Tilt and David Lockie of DivyDovy; Photographer Emma Levine. Additional photography by Sue Marshall, Richard Lemon, and Image 1 Photography, Brighton.

Designer/stylist: Nicki Bamford-Bowes, B-Creative Design.

Models: Jim Waggett (not diabetic) and Helen Brown (Type 1). Thanks to Beth, who was eight at the time of the photos and who has had Type 1 diabetes half her life. Kobe Amedume, who is Type 2, Dave Hake (not diabetic), and Alex Hawkey (Type 1).

Desang Limited is a registered company (Company number 4402781).

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