Diabetes: The Essential Guide (book by Sue Marshall)

Diabetes the Essential Guide Book“At the end of 2008 I was approached to write a book about diabetes. Having lived with the condition most of my life, and having had a career in journalism, as well as starting up Desang to act as an information portal about diabetes management products, I said, ‘Okey dokey!’ Diabetes – The Essential Guide was published on 1st November 2008. My aim in writing it was to provide a guide about all apects of living with the condition which can be used by the newly diagnosed, or someone who just wants to find out more about what a diagnosis of diabetes means,” say Sue. “I’ve always believed that with some good advice, some understanding of what you’re eating and the effect it has on your blood sugars, as well as a healthy dose of discipline, you can find a balance between having a chronic condition and having a life.”

The guide contains information on:
o medical information about the condition
o the types of medication available
o practical advice about how to manage diabetes
o Food
o carb counting
o blood testing
o pregnancy
o travelling
o exercise
o there is also a chapter on children with diabetes (including advice for teachers).

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