LATEST ISSUE: What’s new for Type Two?

Editor’s comment, by Sue Marshall: I’ve always written this magazine for anyone who has diabetes. While there are differences, the one shared thing is hard to control and ‘sub-optimal’ blood glucose control. The last decade has seen the rise and rise of the CGM sensor, but mainly for those with Type 1, at least that what it looked like.

In fact, it was actually anyone on insulin who could benefit from using one – those in greatest need – though to be fair, getting on one wasn’t always easy. Often people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes do eventually progress to using insulin (and it is progress, it’s not failure, as so often it feels like that to the people it happens to). So catch up on CGMs for Type 2s in our article on p.18.

Meanwhile, a PhD student is looking for people from ethnic minorities with Type 2 diabetes to talk about their experience of whether they have (or have not) been offered insulin – see p.11. We report on a product that produces non-surgical weight loss for people with T2D (p.26). On p.30 we have further learnings from the NHS ‘soups and shakes’ programme, also addressing weight loss.

If you have Type 2, in this issue you have a chance to ‘get with the tech’ as researchers are asking for people with Type 2 to take part in a clinical trial using Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor (p.22).

As well as tech news and the opportunity to take part in research, in this issue we have a usual look at our food news pages from p.32. We report on a garden festival in Devon in early May as well as a start-up company selling nutrient-packed microgreens on p.36. then there is our regular column, Making Carbs Count, this time it’s on yoghurt. Enjoy!

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