Which  kitbag will be best for you and your  diabetes? We’ve got big ones, small ones, you name it, we have it! Choose from the Classic, the Slim, the Roll-up, the Bottle Bank or the Pen Pack. For more details, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, or go to our shop (click on the box on the right).

Classic Kitbag The Classic

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The Classic fits two insulin pens — so you can carry your long-acting and short-acting with you (plus spare needles and cartridges).  Also has room for all blood testing equipment. Great for keeping everything for 24-hour control in one place, super for over-night stays or weekends away.

Slim Kitbag The Slim

The Slim: Fits all blood testing equipment (lancing device, pot of sensors, blood test meter) as well as one injection pen (plus spare needles and cartridges). There is a version of the  Slim which is designed for children and young adults, which they can personalise, so if they’re into Britney or Brad, it’s easy to keep up to date by changing the pictures on the cover.

Microfibre Roll Up Kitbag Microfibre Roll-Up (closed)

The Roll-up: Our biggest bag, this is for people who use a lot of kit, or have several types of insulin to use. Also excellent for pump users with all that chunky kit to carry about. Good for longer trips for those who use insulin pens or bottles and syringes.

Pen Pack Kitbag The Pen Pack

The Pen Pack: This addresses the fact that most people on insulin in the UK use insulin pens for insulin delivery. Nearly all of these are using one long-acting and one short-acting insulin. For a 24-hour period they need two pens (and spare needles and cartridges). The Pen Pack holds two insulin pens plus has a little zipped pocket that can hold 5 pre-packed needles and two insulin cartridges. Made of black leather, the pack is small and can fit in any bag or carrier. It is professional in appearance and does not look medical.

And don’t just take our word for it – there are a lot of testimonials are from happy kitbaggers, and they know what they’re talking about!

Type 2 Diabetes?
If you’re Type 2 diabetes on pills, a kitbag may still suit your needs. If you’re Type 2 diabetes on insulin, then the ‘everything in one place’ philosophy will make even more sense. Take a look at this section for further info


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  1. jackie

    hi sue i’m going onto an animas pump soon and just wondering if you will be having any other colours in your kitbags range. it would be good to have a bright colour if only to make finding it easier inside my bag!
    Hope you can help thanks

    • -

      Hi Jackie, we’d love to do more colours and we might do soon, but I can’t say when. We have to get minimum orders and as we don’t put in big orders, it can be hard to handle in terms of keeping stock, etc. If and when we do offer other colours, we will send an email out to everyone on our database to let them know. So I will add your email in to our database now so that you will get that notification when it goes out, but don’t hold your breath, it might not be for a while! Sue

  2. Ann Mattiucci

    Hi- Just had to add Lanus pen to my daily medicine..your joe frazer bag looks perfect, can’t wait to get it!

  3. Tim Costello

    Just got the classic kit – thanks for the prompt service. Great quality kit. You managed to get the kit all the way to the soon to be frozen tundra of North Dakota, USA. I appreciate the effort on your part. Will be interested in the slim kit as well – Can you let me know when the tan slim kit is available?

  4. Bridget

    I am wondering if you sell your bags in the US? If so, can you please send me a list of retailers? Thank you for your help.

    Warm Regards.

    • -

      Hi Bridget, I’m sorry we do not have an outlet in the US. You can buy from this site. Postage is under £10 to the US. Regards, Sue

  5. Debra Turner

    Do DeSang have any kit bags and/or skins for the Omnipod pump as I have just started on the Omnipod pump system and the bag and PDM look rather boring.

    • -

      Hello Debra, I’m sorry, but we do not do bags or skins for the Omnipod system. Have you tried contacting Omnipod direct to see if they do any, or call your clinic or rep — they might know other suppliers who have them. Good luck! Sue

  6. Jay Goodheart

    I have just received my 2 pen kitbag. I found it still a little big for my handbag. There is a little wasted space in the bag.

    Also what is the smallest 2 pen kit bag you have and what are the measurements in inches of the bags that contain only 2 pens and blood testing equipment including the blood testing stripe.

    Thank you.

    • -

      Hi Jay, as mentioned on the phone when we spoke, the Pen Pack is our only kitbag designed just to carry pens. The spare space you mentioned is for new needles and used needles, and for those not using pre-filled pens it’s possible to fit spare cartridges in there. With best wishes, Sue

  7. -

    Thank you to send me all free bag kit of diabet type2 best regards

  8. Rafiq

    Hi could you send me any diabetes kit bag to store my diabetes machine
    My address is 11 chassum grove
    BD9 4SN

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