No tubing with Solo Insulin Dispensing Patch

The Solo MicroPump insulin delivery patch system by Medingo, recnetly acquired by Roche Diagnostics, should be available in early 2011. It is very small — about the size of two iPod nanos stuck back to back. That’s great, but what’s fantastic is that it has no tubing, instead using a patch and cradle fueled by removable cartridges that hold about 200 units of insulin.

The MicroPump is controlled by a wireless remote control that has a bolus guide, color menus, messages, and history tracking among other bells and whistles. A pre-determined bolus can be dispensed, independent of the remote, by pressing on both sides of the pump simultaneously. The Solo is about two-thirds the size of the OmniPod (another insulin pump), but requires a separate insertion apparatus, whereas the OmniPod insertion equipment is built in. There will be more information available at a later date on this new sleek and user-friendly patch pump system.

The Solo Insulin Dispensing Patch is the smallest, thinnest, lightest, most discreet insulin pump without cumbersome tubing. The Solo System has two parts: a miniature insulin dispensing patch and a remote control, which allows you to completely personalize and guide your patch for your body’s insulin needs. It is ideal for anyone who wants the independence of a Life on the Go – yet wants to take charge of their diabetes in a discreet way.

The benefits of Going Solo include:

  • Disconnect any time – No restrictions. No lost insulin
  • Bolus with patch buttons – even if your remote is not handy
  • Easy to insert
  • Smart “Bolus Guide” inside
  • Reduce waste – insulin, electronics
  • No high up-front cost. No long-term commitment
  • Reimbursable. Pay-as-you-go
  • Advanced safety features like occlusion sensor and safety alerts
  • Variety of remote control colors.Going Solo means you are independent – but never alone, with technical, clinical and reimbursement support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more at
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