How to: Choose your diabetic equipment

Start thinking of your equipment as management tools. These will include your blood testing machine, your insulin injection pens, your blood test diary, and some means by which to carry some sugar (of some sort) with you, so you can address a hypo if you have one.

If you like them you’ll use them. Make sure you like it, find out about it, see if it fits in with your lifestyle and with your life.

Remember, no diabetes management equipment is harder than learning to use a mobile phone or pager!

No equipment (bar a few exceptions) costs that much — the majority of blood testing machines are under £20 and can be bought or ordered from your local pharmacy. Some are available on the NHS. Your pharmacist or GP may be able to tell you which ones.

Some diabetic clinics in the UK actually offer you the equipment free, so go direct and ask them. They often have several models of blood test machine so you can see/feel them and see which one might suit you best. You just need to ask to see what they have and see which one might suit your needs the best.

You might be happier sneaking off in a corner to do a blood test, but the real issue is just to do the blood test. Be out and proud. Don’t let having an audience stop you! People soon get used to it, and you can then blood test when you feel you need to and hopefully get better control as a result, which is worth it. In this case, it’s not about them, it’s about you.

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