How to: Keep your head

Diabetes is yours to manage one way or the other. Learn from others but don’t compare yourself unfavourably against them. It is hard work achieving and maintaining good control and it takes time. Do your best and give yourself credit when credit is due.

Do not expect others to understand, except other diabetics with whom you can ‘talk in code’ about your blood test results, food foibles and so on. You won’t like all diabetics, but you — or they — might learn something. Sharing concerns often makes them less of a worry. Better out than in.

Get help if it’s really bad. Having diabetes is serious, and it never goes away. But remember there is always help, it’s OK to download, no one will think any less of you and you will feel better. Call a member of your family, or your diabetes management team and talk.

Call for help — Diabetes UK’s careline is a very good start, for people with diabetes, their family and carers: 0845 120 2960, Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm.


Or if you are in Scotland:

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