How to: Store Insulin

There is much misunderstanding about insulin storage — many are told that they should always keep insulin cool. This is not necessarily the case. Insulin is a live substance, if it is ill, it looks ill, so take a look at it if you are in doubt. Your blood sugars will soon tell you if your insulin has become inactive. You should have spares with you, but if they have also been affected, then you probably need to go to your local GP or pharmacist or even the nearest hospital to get more insulin.

  • Keep insulin in the fridge when not in use.
  • When in use, keep at moderate temperatures.
  • ‘In use’ means that the cartridge/bottle is the one you are currently using in your pen.
  • In day-to-day use, the only thing you need to avoid is exposing your insulin to extremes of heat and cold, which will make it inactive, otherwise it should be okay.
  • Check the dates on your cartridges or phials of insulin should you be in doubt and also the information in the packs.
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