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TuDiabetes has partnered with Children’s Hospital Boston in the creation and launch of a new application called “TuAnalyze”. The application enables members to submit their Hemoglobin A1C as part of a massive data donation drive.

The information submitted by members will be displayed in a map of the United States on the TuDiabetes network, with states lighting up according to the aggregate A1c data. Once a threshold of participants in each state is reached, the state’s color reflects whether the average A1c submitted is within the range recommended by physicians. The goal is to light up the U.S. with A1c values. We anticipate that participation in this sharing of medical information will encourage everyone in their own diabetes management, and enhance the public conversation taking place on the forums and private exchanges on people’s profile pages.

Through this partnership, members of TuDiabetes will be able to contribute health data safely and anonymously via TuAnalyze, a highly secure application developed by researchers in the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program and based on the Indivo personally controlled health record. Members have the option to select how much information about their A1c values to share – if any. They may have their A1c values grouped with the values of other users and made available for academic research, online charts, graphs and maps displayed on TuDiabetes.org; or make their data visible to whomever can see their TuDiabetes profile page.

Analysis of the data collected could determine, for example, trends or a correlation between people’s participation in health related social networking and level of diabetes management. DHF and Children’s Hospital Boston plan to explore additional metrics in the future, and move beyond the United States to map A1c averages from around the world collected through TuAnalyze.


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