Afro-Caribbean people with diabetes

You are more likely to develop diabetes if you are of Afro-Caribbean origin. Not only is it more common that in the general population, but it can develop at a younger age due to genetic predisposition. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form, requiring regular self-administered blood tests and a close look at, and assessment of, the individual’s diet and lifestyle.

SymptomsKobe Amedume work of diabetes include thirstiness, tiredness, irritability, blurred vision and weight loss. Kitbags keep everything that you need to successfully management the condition safe and in one place.

Koby Amedume, a marketing professional, was diagnosed in early 2006 as having type 2 diabetes. He says, “It was a real shock, and it took a while to get used to the idea. I immediately looked at my diet and lifestyle and now eat better food and take more exercise. I am on medication, but not having to inject insulin. I keep my blood test meter with me all the time in my Desang kitbag so I can take a test if I feel like it and keep my pills in there too. It helps keep me organised.”

Some people are buying a kitbag to organise themselves. Others, to organise a partner or a child. Many buy them as gifts. They are very useful for holidays or business travel. Having a professional looking bag not only makes going through customs less of a hassle, but it also fits in with a working lifestyle, too.

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