August 2010 newsletter: news

DRWF annual weekend: The 10th annual DRWF Diabetes Wellness Weekend will take place at Milton Hill House in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The residential event is aimed at people living with diabetes and their friends and family, who would like to learn more about the condition and improve their lifestyle and personal management. Over the course of the weekend DRWF will run a programme of interactive talks, discussions, presentations and workshops focusing on different aspects of diabetes. The programme will cover healthy eating, looking after your eyes, facts about diabetes, looking after your feet, diabetes research and some gentle exercise classes, and more. For more information or to book contact Lee Calladine, Events Co-ordinator on 02392-636133 or

Strip free testing: The new Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose system has been designed to take the simplicity and convenience of testing to a whole new level. With no more strip to handle or worry about, and with 50 tests included in one test cassette, the Accu-Chek Mobile makes it easier to test virtually whenever and wherever you need to. And thanks to its 6 lancets drum, with Accu-Chek Mobile, there is no need to handle or dispose of lancets. The Accu-Chek Mobile blood system pack includes all you need to get started, including the meter itself with its integrated finger pricker, one 50 test cassette (you can get these on prescription) as well as one 6 lancets drum (also on prescription).

Diabetic Friend app: A new iPhone App from has a diary facility and nutritional database, which can help you monitor your diabetes, no matter where you are. Database items are updated (for free) every 3 months so there are more foods available all the time. You can also view and post to the forum on the main site. The app means you can keep an online diary of your blood sugar levels, medication and nutritional values; that can be accessed wherever you are. It uses your carb:insulin ratio to suggest insulin doses and gives data in graph form to help you and your healthcare team.

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