How much can technology ease diabetes distress?

New research has found that hybrid closed-loop (HCL) systems may ease severe diabetes distress in some adults with Type 1 diabetes, but not in adolescents.

Previous research has found that 20%-30% of those with Type 1 diabetes experience severe diabetes distress, which affects self-care, diabetes management, glycaemic control, and quality of life.

The new study, led by Yves Reznik, MD, Endocrinology and Diabetes Department, CHU Côte de Nacre, Caen Cedex, France, assessed the HCL system in 250 adults and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes from 55 French centers. All of the patients had been using an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring system for at least six months. They were invited to complete questionnaires assessing diabetes-related distress (Problem Areas in Diabetes) and quality of life (Audit of Diabetes-Dependent Quality-of-Life – ADDQoL), as well as others for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and fear of hypoglycaemia. Scores were assessed at survey commencement, after three months, and after six months.

At commencement, 64% of adults had a PAID score above 40, indicating severe diabetes distress, which decreased after three months of HCL system use and dropped to 50% at 6 months. Adults’ ADDQoL score also showed rapid improvement in the first three months of HCL system use and remained stable at six months.

However, adolescents in the study started with lower levels of diabetes distress than adults but had no change in their PAID and ADDQoL scores, but they increased their physical activity level.

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