July 2010 newsletter: kit

July 2010 KIT

Choc Chick: As the website states, it isn’t the cacao that makes commercially produced eating chocolate unhealthy but all the processing, stabilising, addition of refined sugars, dairy products, ‘bad’ fats, E numbers and so on. The original product has in fact got a low glycaemic index, it’s just commercial chocolate that hasn’t. By keeping it simple and including only the basic unprocessed raw ingredients from South America the CHOC Chick Kits include non-roasted raw cacao powder, raw (cold pressed) cacao butter and agave syrup (a white sugar replacement). You make your own chocolate at home with the kits and add your own extras. The recipes do not require boiling or cooking — you put them in the fridge to set. The taster kit is £9.99 (makes 30 chocolates). www.chocchick.com

Fit for purpose: Hypo-fit is a fast-acting syrup that can be used by people with diabetes to raise their blood sugar. It contains no preservatives and yet has a 3-year shelf life, from the date of manufacture. It is a natural product, not tested on animals and registered with the Vegan Society. Each 18 gm sachet contains 13.4 gm of useful carbohydrate with a calorific value of 228 KJ / 54 Kcal. The robust, ultra-slim flexible sachets are small enough to be carried discreetly in pockets, wallets, purses, or even jeans and back-packs, with little fear of rupturing or restriction of movement. A Brill-box (pictured) is also available. Available on NHS prescription. www.arcticmedical.co.uk

One-click pricking: Each Unistik 3 lancet uses Zone Technology, which is designed to takes the mind off pain by distracting it. Pressing Unistik 3’s ‘Comfort Zone’ of 8 raised dots against the skin sends a message of comfort to the brain. Then, when you click Unistik 3’s release button, the lancet penetrates the skin, but the dominant Comfort Zone sensation means the pain ‘message’ to the brain is greatly reducedAfter use, the lancets retracts to eliminate chances of any accidents happening.  You can get Unistik 3 on prescription. www.unistik3.com/uk

Funkey Hula: Described as the ‘evolution of the Hula’, this takes the traditional Hawaiian dance a stage further. Hula Hoops were all the rage in the ‘60s and are popular all over the world. This new variation can help burn fat from the hips and waist as it contains weights, giving your bod a bit more of a work out than it may be used to and pulling on centrifugal forces to help tone those hard-to-get at bits. They cost around £30. www.funkeyhula.co.uk

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