October 2010 newsletter feature: Advantage sugar replacement

Great stuff! Products from The Great Nutrition Company are referred as nutraceuticals – in other words scientifically formulated nutrition aimed at specific disease conditions. A basic problem in developing anything really effective for people with diabetes is how to safely sweeten products for consumption so the Great Nutrition Company set about using food scientists to develop supportive nutrition for people with diabetes pre-diabetics.

The range includes a sugar replacement, Advantage, which is not only sugar free but both Halaal and Kosher too. All the products in the Great Nutrition Company’s range uses a sweetener called Acelsulphame K, as opposed to other sweeteners such as cyclamates, saccharine, aspartame or conventional sugars or fashionable sugars like Agave syrup or Stevia.

One product, Assistance for Diabetics, specifically addresses problems common to diabetes, including night-time hypos, by providing perfectly balanced nutrition taking into account the particular and different metabolic needs of people with diabetes. The products do not cure diabetes, but may help control and combat both short and long-term problems associated with the condition. www.thegreatnutritioncompany.com

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