October 2010 newsletter feature: Supplemental information (krill oil)

Krill thrill: A new eco-friendly Krill Oil supplement from leading natural health website Silvertown Health has launched which now gives a new high grade source of essential Omega-3 oil. Superba Krill are small crustaceans in the Antarctic peninsula and their Omega-3 oils are in a phospholipid form which is suggested as far more beneficial and potent than the triglyceride structure found in normal fish oil supplements.

As an Omega-3 supplement, Krill Oil suggested health benefits include cardiovascular and cholesterol support as well as anti-inflammatory properties which may help arthritis and joint pain. Omega-3 also has suggested links to improvements in memory and brain function. With concern growing over the health risks presented by Western diets low in Omega-3-rich foods, and an increasing body of scientific evidence pointing to the need for balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 intake, Krill Oil is being hailed as a hero product and the ideal omega supplement.

Silvertown Health Krill Oil is harvested ethically by a leading European krill oil harvester and has Novel Food Approved status. Available in a 60 500mg-capsule pack (up to 2 months supply). RRP is £24.97. Silvertown Health are offering Krill Oil at a special launch price of £16.97 for a limited time only.


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