Shopping for a Diabetic

Most diabetics are pretty touchy about the way they manage their condition, but these kitbags are designed by a diabetic coming from a lifetime of living with the condition and still travelling, working and living well.

If you know a diabetic, a Desang kitbag is an ideal gift, especially for someone who is having trouble with their diabetic control.

Good diabetic control is mainly gained through:

  • Careful consideration of what food is being eaten,
  • What insulin dose to take,
  • Frequent blood tests to check on the result.
  • One of the major reasons people don’t blood test is not because of the potential for sore fingers, but because blood testing involves carrying a diabetes blood test machine, a finger pricker as well as sensors and a diary. It’s a lot of stuff. Plus you never have enough hands!

    Desang diabetic kitbags hold all you need in a compact and convenient package. Opened out on a user’s knee it even acts as an improvised table.

    The kitbag is based on carrying around the newer, smaller blood test machines. These are not significantly more expensive than the others and have many features (such as being able to download the memories in to a PC, which is handy if you find keeping a diary a bind) and their smallness makes them easier to carry around all day long if need be.

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