For the love of toast!

More than 200 different kinds of bread are produced in the UK — from butter rich brioche and crisp baguettes to farmhouse loaves and focaccia, soft ciabatta and crumpets to chapattis and flaky croissants. This diversity is only possible because of the vast range and quality of British flour available, and most of it goes down a treat as part of the nation’s favourite – toast.

Professor Tim Jacob, School of Biosciences at Cardiff University, has found that the smell of toast triggers memories of happiness: “Most families eat toast for breakfast and the distinctive smell of toast delivers a feel-good factor by evoking comforting childhood memories. Breakfast, the meal where most toast is consumed, is a family meal and this association stays with us. Psychologically, a process of conditioned association occurs to link toast and the smell and flavour of toast with key moments in our lives — family moments.”

If you’re more partial to a slice of delicious piping hot toast with just butter or margarine, you’re in good company though as nearly two thirds of us enjoy our toast this way (64%). And a slice of thick, white bread is still the benchmark for toast lovers, although it seems that more men prefer brown bread to women (21% vs 18%).

The nation’s top 10 toast toppings:
1. Just butter/margarine 64%
2. Cheese 58.9%
3. Egg 41.4%
4. Jam (any flavour) 41.1%
5. Marmalade 38.5%
6. Baked beans 37.8%
7. Marmite 30.5%
8. Bacon 26.1%
9. Peanut butter 21.4%
10. Honey 20.5%

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