October 2010 newsletter news: Solgar vitamin B supplement for winter

Blue days be gone! Described as a ‘winter health survival for body and mind’, Solgar has brought out a Sunshine in a box kit. According to SADA, the UK charity for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the symptoms of winter blues, may affect an estimated half a million people in the UK every year, these include: low mood, increased mental and physical fatigue, stress, lack of concentration, weight-gain, loss of libido, and poor immune health. SAD is thought to be caused by a biochemical imbalance in the brain which controls daily rhythms and mood, due to the shortening of daylight hours and lack of sunlight between September and April.

Brighten up winter with Solgar’s limited edition Sunshine in a box kit, providing the ultimate ‘feel-good’ nutrition essentials, including Vitamin D3 – ‘the sunshine vitamin’ – which strengthens immune health and has been shown to help brighten mood. The pack, which retails at £25, incudes a complimentary book worth £9.99 by James E. Dowd, MD about Vitamin D.

Available nationwide through independent health food stores and selected pharmacies. solgar-vitamins.co.uk

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