Accu-Chek Combo Meter and Spirit insulin pump

This is a combination of a blood test meter with extra features plus an insulin pump. The actual pump is attached to your body via an infusion set and tubing. It can be set to deliver basal doses low enough for small children, and others with modest insulin requirements, using easy menus to set up a system of insulin delivery suited to your needs. The blood test meter could easily also be described as a handheld device. Blood test results are stored in the meter and can be viewed in a variety of ways that help with overall understanding of control, as well as being downloadable. The meter lists and graphs both your blood test results as well as your insulin doses. There is an on-board bolus calculator (known in some pumps as a bolus wizard). The colour screen makes understanding your readings even easier and there is a choice of colourful ‘skins’ are available for the meter. You use the meter to tell the pump what insulin to deliver  — you do not need to access the pump as this is all done via Bluetooth technology, so no one need know and you don’t have to wrestle with clothing to get at you pump to make the delivery. It’s waterproof for accidental submersion and the occasional splash.

‘the insulin pump that works undercover’

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