Feb 2011 newsletter KIT: Helping hands

Mentholatum Responsebeta is a hand sanitizer helps defeat viruses as influenza rates reach 10-year high in the UK. Washing your hands frequently can help to kill germs and stop them spreading, particularly after travelling or engaging in activities that may spread infection, but sometimes it just isn’t possible to wash your hands. At other times it can be reassuring to have an extra source of protection. Mentholatum Responsebeta, an alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray that has been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively. The spray has been scientifically proven, in both lab research and human trials, to kill bacteria and viruses within five minutes of use.  Unlike many other hand sanitizers, Mentholatum Responsebeta is water based and contains no alcohol. It is suitable for use on sensitive skin and for children of all ages under adult supervision (alcohol also evaporates from the skin very rapidly, leading to excessive drying of the hands and dry skin is prone to irritation). Available in 200ml (about £5.25) or 50ml ‘handbag’ format (£2.29).

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