Mobile phone technology can help improve T2 control

As reported by Diabetes Pro, the use of mobile phones is widespread worldwide. In recent years, health and medical phone applications have been utilized for self-management of chronic diseases, including diabetes. The effect of mobile phone-based interventions on glycemic control was assessed in a systematic review and meta-analysis.

An extensive literature review restricted to English articles was conducted. Included were studies designed as randomized or quasi-randomized controlled or crossover controlled trial which assessed use of mobile phones for diabetes self-management and measured HbA1c levels. Twenty-two trials involving 1,657 subjects were included in the analysis, taking into account potential selection bias and quality of the trials. Mode of phone intervention was varied but most included glucose self-monitoring and lifestyle interventions.

Mean HbA1c reduction over a median of 6 months’ monitoring was 0.5%. Subgroup analysis showed significantly better improvements in studies involving type 2 diabetes (0.8%) versus type 1 diabetes subjects (0.3%). Effects of the intervention were not dependent on patient demographics or type of intervention strategy. The results of the analysis indicate that the innovative use of mobile phone interventions in the self-management of diabetes significantly improve glycemic control especially in individuals with type 2 diabetes (Liang, X. et al. Diabet Med 2011, 28(4): 455).

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