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MEET DAFNE and her friends DESMOND, Bertie, Sadie, Delia and the others. These can be your lifelong friends when it comes to learning about diabetes care and control. We talk to Professor Simon Heller who helped bring the original DAFNE diabetes education course to the UK a decade ago. He says that people who went on the course reported, quality of life showed massive improvements; patients just loved it.”

KIT: Help count carbs with Salter’s Nutri-Weigh scales. Give your tootsies a boost with Footkiss. Get helmet ID for safer cycling and other sports.

NEWS: Medtronic’s new Enlite CGM sensor. A charter of diabetes rights. JDRF ‘discovery day’ in Bethnal Green. Join a picnic in the park for children with diabetes. Saucy fish recipes. Chocolate munchy seeds! British BBQ recipes. help:cholesterol and help:blood pressure giveaway.

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