Tight Control Vs Hypos — help from the new OneTouch Verio meter

The new addition to Lifescan’s OneTouch stable of blood glucose meters is the OneTouch Verio. Boasting unsurpassed accuracy, especially on low blood glucose readings, this features top-end technology. A new ‘low pattern tool’ means that low readings are automatically tagged, so patterns are easier to identify and address. The advances are in response to the understanding the very real problems of Tight Control Vs Hypos – a line some of us tread on a daily basis. This tool should help you feel more confident about tracking and preventing hypos. Also particularly good for gestational diabetes, as expectant mothers have a lower haematocrit range (percentage of blood volume taken up by red blood cells) that most meters can’t read, but this one can. It also runs on triple A batteries (AAA), a tad easier to lay your hands on than most meter batteries that are smaller but more specialized, so harder to get hold of when you run out. For more details and free meter offers see the advert in this issue of the Desang Online Magazine.

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