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Insulin pens that have been a feature of diabetes management since their release twenty years ago. Timesulin — an innovative ‘smart cap’ for insulin pens — greatly reduces the chance of a missed or double insulin shot – a major concern for health care practitioners and patients alike.

“The idea was born out of my own frustration as a Type 1 diabetic of over 25 years,” said Timesulin co-founder John Sjölund. “I manage my insulin injections with insulin pens and know all too well what a missed shot means — or an accidental double dose. It causes daily anxiety. People with diabetes need a simpler way of knowing if they took their insulin, and when.

John Grumitt, Vice Chair of the Diabetes UK Board of Trustees confirmed, “This is a very common problem: most insulin-dependent patients have at some point missed a dose or taken a double dose, specifically because they weren’t sure when they took their last shot. A simple solution, like the one Timesulin offers, should ease the daily anxiety for many people living with diabetes.”

Timesulin carries the CE mark, works with all major insulin pens, requires no change in habit and works straight out of the package without any programming required. Retailing at £25 for a pack of two replacement caps, Timesulin will be available to customers throughout the EU, including in the UK, from mid-November 2011.

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