Do you have a teenager with Type 1 diabetes?

Do you wonder about their health and diabetes management as they become more independent?

Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company which is soon to bring a new blood test meter to the market, is asking for help from parents of teenagers and young adults who have type 1 diabetes to complete a survey. The aim is to understand, and later highlight, any worries they you have for their children’s health and diabetes management.  The survey will be then used to support the launch of a new blood glucose monitor, the iBGStar.

If you choose to complete the survey, your son or daughter may then be invited to participate in the second stage of activity, which would involve using the new meter (pictured).  Maybe they know how to — and take the time to — send a text, but not a blood test? This meter might help as it actually attaches to their iPhone or iPod Touch!  iBGStar full image

The survey is open to parents of children aged 13-23, however (for legal reasons) to take part in the product assessment your son or daughter must be aged between 18 and 23. They must also already own an Apple iPhone or iPod touch (iOS 3.0 or higher), as the meter only works on these. They would also need to have recently left home, e.g. to start university, and be willing to use and assess the blood test meter over a one-month period.

All data gathered from parents of children with diabetes will go towards improving blood testing kit in the future and could bring wide benefits and improvements, so please do take the time to take part.

If you are interested in being involved or find out more, contact Claire Nicholson on 020 7025 6524 or email

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