Doctors and nurses needed to volunteer at an Indian clinic

Doctors and nurses are being sought to join a team of healthcare professionals setting up a clinic in a poverty-stricken part of India in March.

Willing volunteers will have the rare opportunity to deliver life-saving treatment in a diverse clinical setting – a make-shift camp based in a school a small village in the state of Punjab. UK-registered charity Slumdoctor Project organises the trip to the village of Phillaur every year, with 8,000 patients being seen last March by a 30-man team.

Dr. Vijay Bangar, Consultant Diabeteologist, one of the organisers of the camp and Director of Slumdoctor Project, said: “This represents the chance help some of the poorest people in the work and make life-changing interventions. Last year, thousands of people travelled on foot up to 100km to our medical camp to be seen. This ranged from children to the very elderly.

“Our remit was to see every person that came through our doors. No one was turned away. We saw some very poorly patients, some of whom required urgent hospital treatments. We purchased drugs locally and dispensed them as required. We arranged for operations to be carried out at local hospitals. We were overwhelmed by the gratitude expressed by the people we treated and their friends and relatives.”

The camps, which have been running for seven years, originally started off small and have doubled in size every year.  The charity organises fundraising events all year round. At the moment, a camp is held once a year.

The next camp is planned from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 of March 2012.

If you want to know more about the ‘Slumdoctor Project’ please see our website at or find ‘Slumdoctor Project’ on facebook.

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