Celebration jelly beans

To mark a summer of celebration, Jelly Belly Candy Company has created a fun party-in-a pack of red, white and blue jelly beans including three of the most popular of the 90-plus Jelly Belly bean flavours:

–       Very Cherry: the number one world-wide favourite for over 30 years

–       Coconut: one of the original 8 Jelly Belly flavours ever cooked up back in 1976.

–       Blueberry: especially created for Ronald Reagan when he first became US President.

A patriotic mix of delicious red, white and blue Jelly Belly for sharing at celebration gatherings and events.

1 bean = approx 1g; x10g of Jelly Belly beans total Carbs = 9.2g. All Jelly Belly beans are free from fat, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts and gelatine and are suitable for vegetarians.

Tackle Box £5/£7; Tubes £5/£6.99/£9. Jelly Belly Celebration Beans are available at John Lewis, Hamleys and Harrods or go to www.jellybelly-uk.com.



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