Chilli tea, or gingerbread chai?

Inspired by the current appetite for Indian Chai teas, Steenbergs have launched their own chai tea set, all in stylish black caddies and with a leaflet detailing the different types and methods for making the perfect cup. In addition to the already popular Black, Red and Green Chais, Steenbergs can now boast a fragrant Cardamom chai, a spicy Chilli chai, and the deliciously inviting Gingerbread chai. All these teas are organic, ethically sourced and hand-blended in the Steenbergs eco-factory in Yorkshire.

“In Britain, we have a love affair with Indian food and travel to India,” says Axel Steenberg. “One of the things that travellers to India love recreating is traditional masala chai, the everyday sweet, milky spiced tea of India. Our Gingerbread Chai is our own unique recipe that we love to make for ourselves on a cold, blustery day, especially if we’ve got soaked on a walk. It’s so warming and the spices seem to lift the strong tea.”

Steenbergs have added a touch of organic orange peel to their organic Cardamom Chai to give some extra delicate fragrance and uniqueness. Steenbergs Organic Chilli Chai Tea has been created for those who like a bit of heat with their spice.

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