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Maroque is a retailer of all things Moroccan, from gorgeous lamps in all sizes, furniture, soft furnishings, and ceramics including the widest range available of tagines, to hard to find Moroccan and Middle Eastern ingredients. Its new Spice and Ingredient guide is packed full of useful information less-familiar ingredients from Morocco and the Middle East.

Author Julie Woodard says, “How often have you seen an ingredient online and thought, ‘what do I do with that?’,  and ‘where does it come from, what was it originally used in, and what else can I do with this intriguing ingredient?’. Hopefully this little guide will give an enjoyable light-touch insight into some of the items on the Maroque site.”

In many cases the ingredients have been linked to Maroque recipes from their two existing cookbooks, Maroque’s Little Yellow Cook Book and Maroque’s Little Orange Cook Book that use the ingredient.

You can browse by item in the new ingredients section at Maroque’s website.

Also, see the ‘Making Carbs Count’ feature in this issue of the magazine to read more about spices — which can enrich foods without adding any carbs or sugars.

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