Fruit And Veg — just one more

Here are a few ways to get ‘just one more’ portion of fruit or veg into your diet. Spring is a great time to start eating more fruit and vegetables, there are so many varieties available that there’s something for everyone. Health experts recommend that we eat at least five portions from a wide variety of fruit and vegetables every day. These can be fresh, frozen, tinned or dried.

Start the day with a chopped up banana, pear or kiwi fruit added to your breakfast cereal.

If you snack on biscuits or crisps, swap these for carrot, cucumber or pepper sticks. Enjoy them raw or with a low-fat hummus or salsa dip.

Having a barbecue? Prepare kebabs loaded with vegetables such as peppers, onions and mushrooms. Barbecued fruit kebabs also work a treat for a healthy alternative dessert.

Add a couple of handfuls of frozen peas, sweetcorn or diced swede to a home-made chilli, curry or Bolognese sauce.

Don’t forget that drinks count too, so make your own smoothie or milkshake and experiment with different fruit combinations.

Buy an unusual or exotic fruit or vegetable each week and try different ways to cook or serve it, for a family taster session.

Remember, raw vegetables such as green beans, mange tout and cauliflower add a great crunch to a salad.

Be adventurous – make fruit skewers for dessert using kiwi fruit, melons and pineapple chunks and drizzle with mango pulp or raspberry coulis, perfect for a refreshing dessert. Try adding spinach or courgettes to a pasta bake for a scrumptious boost.

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