Bad sleep = bad news

Our busy lifestyles cause havoc to our gut health, according to Dr Cathy Wyse from the University of Aberdeen, who says that sleeping and eating at regular times, and ensuring you sleep in pitch darkness may help you stay slim.

Both eating and sleeping activates cells to release metabolic hormones. Studies on night shift workers have shown that they are more likely to put on weight. This could be due to the how our body clock affects changes to genes in our liver, which are responsible for breaking down fat and glucose. Lack of sleep, changes in sleep schedule, not eating at regular times have also been shown to be triggers of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). There are also studies showing a connection between sleep quality and heart problems.

New research by the Henry Potter Advisory Committee also reveals that a lack of sleep can have serious consequences. When 2,000 respondents were questioned it revealed that they could behave badly due to lack of sleep, with one in 10 saying that they’d had had a car accident due to lack of sleep, and 27.7% had got into an argument and said things they later regretted for the same reason.

Such research informed Potter’s Herbals Nodoff Mixture, a herbal medicine that promotes a good night’s sleep. Potter’s Herbals Cleansing Herbs can be used for short-term relief of occasional constipation.

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