Making the most of mushrooms

This October, sales of mushrooms reached an all-time high with UK consumers spending more than £365 million (+3.8%) a year on them. A versatilie, vegetable it adds depth and flavour to meals. Mushrooms now rank third after potatoes (No.1) and tomatoes (No.2) in UK’s list of 10 best-selling vegetables, with roughly 118,000 tonnes of mushrooms having been sold in the last year.The vegetable has so many B vitamins they could ‘make a tomato blush’. Dr Christian Jessen, explains: “Mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins which are needed for a healthy diet and an 80g serving counts towards one of your five a day. Mushrooms are especially good for anyone trying to lose weight given they are exceptionally low in calories and fat. Plus, the high levels of dietary fibre in the vegetable leaves you feeling satisfied for longer.”

Mushrooms are available and tasty all year round, the vegetable suits popular autumnal dishes such as casseroles, stews and pies. For hundreds of mushroom recipes along with free downloadable recipe booklets visit

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