App raises money for JDRF

MySugr screengrabKris Wood, Donor Development Officer at JDRF is encouraging people to take up the MySugr challenge (their spelling, not ours!), saying, “Type 1 diabetes is one of the few medical conditions where almost all of the clinical care is administered by the patient rather than a doctor. We all know how important good blood glucose control is and how challenging achieving it can be. We also know how difficult it can be to prioritise control within all of the normal demands of daily life. Recording and reviewing your blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake and insulin dose, alongside factors like exercise, mood and the time of day can help you understand your control. Over time this may help you identify trends and reasons for highs and lows. Now mySugr, a registered medical app for the iPhone (and coming soon to Android) offers a way to do this and raise money for JDRF at the same time.Take on the ‘Sweat for the Cure’ challenge in the mySugr app and record 30 minutes of exercise over two days, and mySugr will make a donation to help JDRF support research to cure, treat and prevent type 1, including research into a ‘vaccine’.”

To start playing the JDRF challenge visit –


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