Dieters rely on smartphones

A new study carried out by a leading mobile phone comparison website in the UK has revealed that two fifths of Britons rely on dieting apps on their Smartphones when attempting to diet/lose weight.

The new study by leading mobile phone comparison site,

The study polled a total of 1,791 adults (who did not necessarily have diabetes) who were currently trying to lose weight. Of those questioned, 39% admitted that they relied heavily on dieting and weight loss phone and tablet apps in order to make informed decisions about food choices, as well as to stay on track with weight loss goals. 87% of these individuals had been using a dieting app for at least three months, and 81% had so far seen more successful weight loss results through using dieting apps than they did before starting to use the apps.

As many as 72% of respondents stated during the poll that they would only download a dieting app to their Smartphone that was free of charge. 59% of those currently using a dieting/fitness app said that they had recommended downloading a mobile dieting app to friends or family members trying to lose weight themselves. By far the most popular mobile app designed for aiding weight loss was MyFitnessPal, which was the preferred choice of 61% of those questioned who currently used a dieting app.

The five highest ranked reasons for using an app emerged as:

1. Easier to track calories and food intake at the push of a button (47%)

2. Can check calorie content of items before deciding to eat them (36%)

3. Helpful for planning healthy and nutritious meals in advance (32%)

4. Helps keep me motivated (24%)

5. Cheaper and easier alternative to diet books and magazines (18%)


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