Sweets suitable for diabetics

Double pack copyDouble pack copyDouble pack copyDouble pack copyDouble pack copyDouble pack copyRhubarbAustralia’s Ferndale Confectionery has introduced Slim Fruits, which are sugar-free pastilles, which are also fat-free and high in soluble dietary fibre (which can helps in weight management). They contain 40% Acacia Gum which leaves people feeling fuller for longer. It is a bioactive dietary fibre derived from sap harvested from wild acacia trees throughout northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. The carbohydrates per serving is 4.8g (where a serving is five sweets). Normally with a ‘health’ product of this kind artificial sweeteners are used to replace of sugar, but these only use natural colours and flavours so they are fat and sugar free. Available in Strawberry and Rhubarb or Peach Melba flavours from Holland & Barrett or Boots, around £1.89 for a 24g pack.Double pack copy





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