Bathroom scales for diabetes health

Beurer has a range of five different diagnostic scales that offer everything from smartphone networking to measuring body fat, body water and calorie requirements. Not only are the diagnostic scales in the range packed full of features, but they’re also sleek and stylish.

Beurer_BF800If the first thing you reach for when you wake is your smartphone, the Beurer BF800 (pictured) will work for you. It offers innovative networking using Bluetooth SMART technology, between your smartphone and the scale, so you can keep track of your body data, including body weight, body fat, body water and muscle ratio. If a number of people in your home use the scales, it can store up to 8 user profiles. It incorporates two new pieces of software: Health Manager and Health Vault. The first lets you transfer your measurements via USB or Bluetooth to your PC or mobile devices. Then you can manage all of your personal health values in the Health Manager system (which can be used with a number of Beurer products, making it a hub for your personal health data). Microsoft’s HealthVault offers a central repository for health information collected at home, the doctor’s office, pharmacy, gym, and anywhere in between, ideal if you’re a busy diabetic who’s churning out body data!

The Beurer BF400 is a diagnostic bathroom scale with a classic design and extra-large backlit LCD display. The BF800 is available from Amazon at RRP £99.99. The BF400 is available from Argos at RRP £39.99.

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