Dr Jen Nash, Diabetes and Wellbeing, book extract on managing fear

Diabetes and Wellbeing bookcoverAmong the many things that you can use to help manage fear, anxiety and worry is to just to remind yourself of the actual facts and to put things in perspective. One of the most effective health increasing tools you have at your disposal is the feeling of self control. This is because it puts you in a position of power, the feeling that you can make changes that will lead to better health outcomes.

These changes might be exercising more, making a healthier food swap, testing your blood glucose once more per day than you currently do, making that healthcare appointment you have been putting off for ages. Although a low level of anxiety about developing complications can be helpful, in that it can keep you motivated, knowing that you can take positive action and that your actions do matter is an incredibly good antidote to fear.

Use the information and support available in this book and other resources you have access to in order to help you focus on what is controllable and your fears about the long term effects of diabetes will diminish.

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