New Freestyle Libre blood testing system

Abbott, which currently offers the FreeStyle range of blood test meters, has initiated a clinical trial to evaluate the company’s next-generation glucose sensing technology which is called the FreeStyle Libre System. Eliminating the need for routine finger prick tests by taking glucose readings via a small sensor worn on the body. Unlike many current sensors, these should last up to 14 days, and automatically measure and store glucose data for eight hours.

The new trial of Abbott’s Freestyle Libre blood testing system is enrolling approximately 210 people with Type 2 diabetes across three European markets — the U.K., Germany and France. There are plans to initiate a second European clinical trial for people with Type 1.

The FreeStyle Libre System’s glucose readings are taken by scanning a small reader over the sensor. No additional finger prick tests are required to get a reading nor does the system require any finger prick calibrations. Scanning can be done while the sensor is under clothing, making testing with this system both discreet and convenient. Glucose readings can be taken as many times per day as needed or desired. Data generated by the system provides actionable trends and patterns that should help users determine how to modify diet or medication to better manage their diabetes.

In addition, the system is designed to provide people and their healthcare providers with their Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP),which is a user-friendly chart that provides a visual display of glucose control and variability.

Dr. Gerry Rayman, Consultant Physician at The Diabetes Centre of Ipswich Hospital, comments, “The difficulty is that people only intermittently test and at very variable times, so it is not possible for them to build up a picture of their typical daily pattern. This is mainly because of the pain and hassle of testing. With more consistent data displayed as an AGP people with diabetes will get a much better understanding of their daily pattern. This will help them to better tailor their insulin and other activities to avoid blood glucose highs and lows.”

The company anticipates the product’s launch in Europe by the end of 2014.

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