Diasend diabetes software — new Virtual Clinic

cgm - standard day(1)Diasend has actually been around since 2006 and has been used across many hospital diabetes clinics, as well as by some patients using it from home. It is a stand-alone system for easy uploading of information from most glucose meters, insulin pumps, CGMs and mobile apps. However, in a newly-evolved form, it is now being made much more widely available for home use and is based on the principle that simple and effective communication between care provider and patient is a prerequisite for the best care.

The Diasend system consolidates and presents this information in clear and structured reports, no matter what the device is or how the data is stored. From November 2014 patients have been able to register for free at www.diasend.com and then upload their data from their devices. By registering and downloading the Diasend software people with diabetes were then able to view their data and share it with their healthcare professional (HCP), if they want to. For this the clinic must have a Diasend account; if it does not, home users can print out the reports and take into clinic when they next visit.

The people behind Diasend are currently working on integrating mobile Apps into the system. Their aim is that in the future Diasend will be used as the industry standard for data transfer. A patient should be able to get data into Diasend from anywhere, making it a ‘virtual clinic’. Both HCPs and many diabetics know the value of seamless data transfers – it means being able to easily spot trends, and easily communicate this information either from HCP to patient or the other way around. This information is often ‘locked’ into meters, pumps and CGMs but sharing, accessing and understanding this information by using Diasend will lead to the best care outcomes.

Diasend personal software is compatible with both PCs and MACs and is the only system that lets multiple devices input their data into one system. Diasend is compatible with more than 100 devices. These devices include glucose meters, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). It now also allows you to choose to link to various activity tracker systems including Fitbit, Up by Jawbone, Nike+ FuelBand, Moves and Runkeeper. For the full list of compatible devices for Diasend Personal (for home uploading) click A2035v2_QG_GB_diasend-personal.

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