Dap’n is a game design to help with diabetes health management

Dap’n is a game design to help with diabetes health management especially in relation to taking medication (medical adherence). This app mock-up has been designed by Reina Yaidoo as project manager, Euphemia Yaidoo, who has diabetes, software developer Adam Buckley with Bassel Anjoukeh looking after user Experience. Since winning the recent Diabetes app challenge, Dap’n has been part of ‘Mobilise the NHS’, a two-day event which enabled the html prototype of Dap’n to be explored for uses in aiding better control of juvenile diabetes.

Dap’n was originally created for adult users, however, sick days affects blood glucose levels in young people especially in relation to diabetic ketoacidosis. Clinicians and specialists from the diabetes section of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust found Dap’n extremely versatile for use with young people and is now working with the Dap’n team to aid content creation. The team is looking for funding to develop the app.

Research2Guidance, on looking at the diabetes market as a whole, noted that diabetes apps are one of the few areas to still rely, to a great extent, on manual input, e.g. of test results. Inter-operability with existing glucose meters and health and fitness apps to import blood sugar test, activity and food intake data are an exception. Likewise only a few diabetes apps take care of the important motivational aspect of diabetes management by using gamification elements, a supporting design as well as communication features to get feedback from friends and the physician. Dap’n aims to remove these barriers whether technological or otherwise to optimal self management. We are always looking from input for all in the diabetes community. We are in the process of launching our site around ongoing progression and welcome contact currently via our contact page on yaidoo.co.uk.

Dap’n is an app with a games format and aims to aid people living with diabetes to engage in self-management. The aim is simply to get fun animations, called daps, once you’ve completed a challenge around self-management. Dap’n gathers up your own support network including friends, family and specialists to make the process of living with diabetes fun, personal and engaging. It also provides an extra support mechanism when needed.

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