Philips Healthcare diabetes app

philips_diabetes_app___carbohydrates_calculator_webPhilips Healthcare has introduced a diabetes app with integrated community, meaning that it enables connected care for patients and clinicians. The app is believed to be the first of its kind and has been produced in conjunction with Dutch Radboud university medical centre.

It is hoped that this app will help people living with diabetes and their health care providers to make more confident care decisions while managing the complexity of diabetes self-care. The system connects a patient app to an online community, collecting and connecting data from electronic medical records and from multiple personal health devices including wireless glucose meters and activity monitors. Via smartphone or tablet, the app gives people continuous access to important parameters such as blood glucose levels, insulin use, or nutrition. It also provides ‘coaching guidance’.

The secure online community is where enrolled patients and healthcare professionals can interact via private messaging or shared posts within a healthcare organization’s clinical guidelines. In this way, patients can get feedback from their care team using the combined data and can easily share experiences with fellow patients, clinicians and caregivers.
The joint prototype development between Philips, Radboudumc and Salesforce is expected to be available for evaluation in limited markets before end of year, with plans to introduce similar connected care solutions addressing other chronic conditions.

The system is built on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform and its new Virtual Health Record initiative. This platform securely connects devices and collects, integrates and analyzes patient data from connected consumer and medical devices, electronic medical records, and personal health data.

For updates on further developments, visit and follow the #DF15 conversation at @PhilipsLiveFrom

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