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Peter Allton has treated more than 200,000 feet during his career has launched a book aimed specifically at people with diabetes.

Peter Allton has treated more than 200,000 feet during his career has launched a book aimed specifically at people with diabetes.

Podiatrist Peter Allton’s book, Undefeeted by Diabetes: a Step-by-Step Guide to Keep your Feet Healthy for Life, is aimed at those with diabetes, their family members, friends and those at risk of developing diabetes. Allton has 27 years of experience as a podiatrist, having qualified as a podiatrist in 1988. After spending 13 years working in community and hospital clinics for the NHS in the UK, Peter set up his private practise in 2001, Circle Podiatry, a multi-award-winning private podiatry company.

As someone who lives with Type 2 diabetes, Allton knows how important education is to managing the condition. When his daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11, Allton decided to take action and promote good foot health for people with diabetes.

Professional input
Dr Gerry Rayman, Lead Diabetologist at Ipswich Hospital and a Medical Advisor to Diabetes UK said of the launch, “Undefeeted by Diabetes is about empowering people with diabetes to understand and take control of their condition. Peter has drawn on his experience as a podiatrist with patients with diabetes and tried to understand what causes the complications of diabetes and why we, as a profession, have let them down. We haven’t made diabetics aware of what to do and how to spot the warning signs. We can patch people up but it’s much better to give people the ability to prevent complications themselves.”

Undefeeted by Diabetes Peter Allton

Undefeeted by Diabetes Peter Allton

Allton hopes too raise awareness of lower limb complications in diabetes. As hea says, “The number of people who live with the condition but are unaware of the impact it can have on their feet is staggering. Diabetes can play havoc with your feet unless you manage it carefully. Undefeeted by Diabetes aims to give you the tools to do so.”

People with diabetes who develop foot ulcers face lengthy treatment so prevention of foot problems is a vital part of foot care. Chris Day, founder of Filament Publishing, which published ‘Undefeeted’, said, “This is a special campaign and I am proud to be involved. How often is it that you read a book that has the potential to save lives?”

A campaign about footcare ‘Undefeeted’ campaign contains the book, a set of online resources and an initiative which encourage podiatrists to volunteer some of their time so that people with diabetes can have check-ups for free. www.undefeeted.org

Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, a person with diabetes is undergoing a lower limb amputation. It is estimated that 85% of these could be avoided.

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